Grand Teton Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Techniques

GTFF Conservation WayPoints – Proper Catch and Release

I'll be completely honest. If it was not for Catch and Release practices really catching on in the last few decades, I don't think we would have much of a resource to share and/or business as a recreational fishing outfitter. I have lived through and witnessed the big shift to C&R in what I define as inland, closed-system fisheries. Our inland rivers, small streams and lakes are systems that are preferably, self sustaining populations of whatever gamefish resides in your region- trout, ...

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First Annual Fly Fishing Seminar

First Annual Fly Fishing Seminar – June 30, 2018

First Annual Free Fly Fishing Seminar! (Suggested $50 donation in which all proceeds to benefit Trout Unlimited Jackson Hole Chapter) Who: Hosted by Grand Teton Fly Fishing When: June 30th, 2018 9am-3pm Where: South Park feed grounds 1.5 miles South of High School Road You do not need a fishing license to participate Click the link below for the full details! Grand Teton Fly Fishing Seminar-2  ...

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Five ways to get ready for your summer of fly fishing fun! by Josh Gallivan

Summer is finally upon us and although our local rivers are currently in flood stage, somewhere out there fish are eating dry flies. Let this be the summer where you finally connect with that dusty old fly rod tucked away in the garage. You’ll never know how much joy it will bring you until you see your first trout rise slowly out of its lie and inhale your dry fly off of the surface after a perfectly placed cast. Jumping into fly fishing can be intimidating. The list of questions never g...

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June lake tips!

Every start to the fishing season has its challenges but during major high water years, like this one those stresses can run you crazy. The talk is the same "where and what do we do now"? As the best river venues typically have something to offer they too can be off the list until conditions improve and it is then that we truly see lakes come into the conversation. There are plenty of die hard lake fans out there that have put in their time over the years and for that they know the great rew...

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Presentation: The Reach Cast

There is no doubt that there are many "secret" tips in the world of fly fishing. These tips are meant to encourage an emerging angler to persist and learn more quickly what took many thousands of anglers before years of positive and negative experience. In my opinion, one tip stands out and on almost every guide trip I have ever done I try and get across at some level the importance of a good reach cast. For beginners just mentioning the possibility of including the mend in the cast gives the...

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Part II – Wet-Fly Presentation

To follow up on our last post about dry fly presentation from a drift boat it is now fitting to go sub-surface and briefly discuss good wet-fly presentation from a well positioned drift boat. To be a great guide in these times you need to have a pretty mean wet fly strategy and again KISS(keep it simple stupid), always! Around our region here in the Tetons and Western Wyoming we can force the dry fly and do fairly well even on the days with not much happening, in fact I know several well know...

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Drift Boat Fly Fishing: Bow Angles

 In our last post I made a fair case for several reasons why it is we love drift boat fly fishing. Just as fly rods are finely crafted to perform smoothly with remarkable accuracy, so to are drift boats crafted to execute the presentation of a fly to extreme levels, therefore giving the bow seat angler(BSA) a rare opportunity into fly fishing prowess. After spending hundreds of days and countless hours watching BSA's of all skill levels, as well as through my own personal opportunities casti...

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A Twist on Tying the Improved Clinch Knot

Have you ever wondered how your guide can change your fly and get you back fishing so quickly?  The answer to this is  practice, but with this little trick, you'll be rigging up faster than your fishing buddies!   Here are my steps to tying the Improved Clinch Knot with a little twist. First off, these instructions are for a right handed person. Start with the leader or tippet in your left hand, palm up with a short tip of the leader or tippet extending from your closed thumb and inde...

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Dropperology – Fly Fishing Droppers

There is absolutely no doubt that modern fly fishing is ever evolving and overall our angling skills and creative fly patterns have pushed the artful past time into a hyper-sense. Likewise the popular watersheds and their fish of North America are countering in an arms race of sophistication-simply put many trout out there have PhD's in basic human fly presentation and without new school ideas, flies & tactics many folks don't stand a chance against the wily creatures. One particular tac...

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