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Fly Fishing Report- Mid Summer

What are the fish biting on today? Check back often for our latest Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report update!

July 15, 2021

Snake River

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is running high due to drought and irrigation demands down stream. Typically our flows are about 2500-3000cfs at Jackson Lake Dam (JLD). Due to dry conditions in the region, irrigation demands are high and current flows from JLD are over 5000cfs. This makes finding our trout a bit more difficult as they have more cover and depth to spread out. To compound the situation water releases are also warm, this also due to heat trends and drought. The fishing is fair to good most days before 1pm, afterwards we suggest watching water temps and consider ending your fishing adventure to preserve our resource. Hatches are still active, we are seeing caddis, PMD’s, sallies and golden stones in the Park sections. Good Luck and we hope to share a better report in a few weeks.


Snake River Tributaries

Flows are clear, cool and dropping. Fishing is good to excellent on nearly every small stream. Expect sallies and caddis, hoppers and ants are also plentiful and tempt our trout in the afternoons.

Barbless Please!

Lava Creek Ranch

No recent report in the last couple weeks. Afternoon temps are warm so go early for best results. Small chubbies are droppers are a favorite rig to lure in the large rainbows lurking!

Salt River

Flows are very low for July but temps are cool for good fishing. Expect PMD’s, sallies and hoppers.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: fish are fairly deep, especially our lake trout. 80-120′

Browns and cutthroats can be found shallow early in the morning, otherwise look in 20-30′ off points.


Green River

Flows are dropping to very low levels for July and also warming to concerning levels. Fishing is still holding up well until about 1-2pm except on lower sections below Daniel. Recent trips are seeing good action from 9-noon, so going early is the best option. Attractors patterns like, water walkers and chubbies are a good bet to move some fish lurking in the undercut banks.


Yellowstone National Park

Firehole River is too warm.

Lewis Lake is good in the mornings on flat edges with callibaetis and flying ants.

Yellowstone Lake is fishing well with Callibaeits and ants/beetles. We are having good sight fishing with dry dropper rigs from 8am to 2pm. The bugs come off heavy from 8-11.

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