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Fly Fishing Report- Early Summer

What are the fish biting on today? Check back often for our latest Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report update!

July 8, 2023

Snake River

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is now in its Summer prime stage with flows still falling and clarity is nearing 5′. We do have a ramp up scheduled from the dam this coming week that is much needed to flush the upper section. This should only effect the river for a couple days and we don’t expect it to be a significant change lower down the river, maybe a few inches.

Hatches have been robust with lots of caddis, sallies, PMD’s and golden stone flies up and down the drainage. Dry fly fishing has been good to excellent and this should continue as afternoon temps and showers have been moderate. Some recent cool nights help keep the best fishing from 10am until 3pm, enjoy!


Snake River Tributaries

All our feeder streams are falling and are very clear unless a rain storm passes through. It’s hard to beat a variety of dry flies like, chubbies and parachutes. Use the chubby, size #12, to search and then close the deal with a parachute Adams or PMD, # 14-16.

The Hoback is flowing full and clear, look for a few river bruisers holding in deep holes, munching on salmon flies from the last couple weeks.

Lava Creek Ranch- Fly Fishing for Trophy Rainbows and Tiger Trout with Grand Teton Fly Fishing!

Fishing has been very good here and our guides are finding trophy fish almost daily, some well over 6 lbs! We are using black leeches and dark chubbies in the #12 size with a jig nymph. Hold on!

Salt River

Flows are nearing the perfect level and hatches are turning on. Best fishing is afternoon.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Lake levels still rising and this keeps the fish spread out, you can find good to excellent fishing almost anywhere if you can uncover a group of fish that haven’t seen pressure in the last few weeks. White jigs and streamers are the ticket!

JENNY LAKE: Fishing is good on the calm sunny days, this system is cold and the fish need some thermal heating to occur. Flying ants or beetles on the hot days!

Green River

South of Jackson is a special place on the upper Green River system, including the sister river, the New Fork. While flows have been high for much of the early start to Summer, finally the flows are at an agreeable level for the best dry fly fishing. Furthermore, hatches are increasing and this might turn out to be a great long Summer on this drainage. We are seeing sallies, PMD’s, Drakes and Golden stones on nearly all sections below the campgrounds on the Green and below the airport on the New Fork.

Yellowstone National Park

We have been having great days on Yellowstone lake, searching flats with nymphs and leeches. The callibaetis hatch is in full swing from about noon to 2pm with fish gorging on the emergers in shallow water. The spinner fall is going to be thick over the next week or two after about 1pm.

Lewis lake is real sleeper right now. The pressure has gone from max to near zero so the fish will get eager and dumb. We like to try twitching foam flies off points if you get a little wind chop. If glassy, look for cruisers and go longer casts and a 14′ leader down to 5X, #16 flying ant is hard for a brown trout to pass up.

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