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Fly Fishing Report- Early Summer

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June 23, 2020

Snake River and Covid19

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is in its final stage of runoff mode now and we should see good conditions in the next couple weeks. Fishing below the dam is the best option currently and we are beginning to see moderate hatches start. Below Pacific Creek the river is still too high and dirty for good fishing but that can change quickly so check flows daily and look for a flow below 5000 @ Moose. Here, safety is compromised so proceed with caution.


COVID-19 Protocols in effect immediately and continued until further notice or until other modifications are implemented:

While we realize we cannot eliminate all risks associated with the coronavirus to our guests or employees, however we know we can drastically reduce chances of further transmission with these operational adaptations. We feel we can provide a safe and quality service while maintaining minimum social distancing standards aligned with the use of PPE and hygiene.

Fly Shop and Office-

1) Opening procedures will include extra cleaning of any high traffic surface with an anti-viral disinfectant.

2) Cleaning will be conducted again after all trips have embarked and frequently throughout the day and as relates to business flow.

3) Office employees are expected to wash hands hourly for 20 seconds.

4) Fly shop will be limited to a capacity of 6 total (including employees) at any time with signage and details at entrance.

5) Hand sanitizer will be available for customers at entrance.

6) Extra face masks will be available to guides and guests if needed.

7) Dip station for disinfecting PFD’s and other gear will be available for our guide staff.

Meeting and transportation-

Clients will be given a time to meet at our shop parking area. In most cases we will recommend only the guide come inside to get any necessary gear for the day (flies, leader, etc.) but if guests need a hat, sunglasses, shirt, sunscreen, etc. they will then be directed to observe our shop rules for entry. Times will be staggered to avoid large groups at once, 7am, 7:20, 7:40 and so on.

Restroom use will be recommended before embarking to limit on river facility use if available and to encourage hand washing at any opportunity.

Guides will be required to wipe down vehicles with an anti-viral disinfectant before loading and embarking. In addition, cleaning again before loading on the return. If desired, client’s vehicles could be shuttled but we recognize parking is very limited in most areas.

During transport to river venue guides and clients must use proper PPE since minimum physical distance will be compromised. Face masks are mandatory. Guests will be required to minimize movement within vehicle, containing personal space as best as possible. If space allows, guest may prefer to use back seating in vehicles to create a barrier zone.

River Procedures-

After arrival, guests will be directed to a safe space to maintain good physical distancing while boat preparations are made. Boats will be treated similarly to vehicles and disinfectants regularly used and available. After a safety speech, including a review of viral protocols, facemasks should be in place when boarding and embarking. An awareness for personal space again should be recognized and respected. Nothing should be shared if not cleaned, ie. equipment, food, sunscreen, etc.

Lunches will be premade/store packaged options only. Buffet or table spread style presentation is not allowed. Guides are required to clean hands and wear gloves during lunch procedures or anytime in which the cooler is entered. All trash should be disposed in a single contained bag, no open buckets allowed. Guests will be encouraged to provide their own water bottles to minimize waste and opening the cooler until lunch.

Post trip-

Guides will be required to report to shop to disinfect PFD’s and report on well-being of the trip. Additional guide gear that came into contact with guests should be wiped or sprayed down with an anti-viral disinfectant.

Snake River Tributaries

Most area creeks are clearing and can offer fair fishing. Flat Creek south of town offers the best public, local option and has some migrating fish that can surprise you. Expect caddis, sallies, PMD’s and green drakes. Pacific Creek is the best option in GTNP, small dark streamers are a good way to cover water here. Have bear spray!

South Fork

Flows are favorable for June and wet fly fishing is hot. Expect nymphing worms below mid river bars and inside turns to be best. Streamers are also a great bet. Good hatches are just around the corner!

Salt River

Flows are around 1300 and slowly dropping. We expect this to be a good option in about 2 weeks.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Great morning surface action with caddis and midges. Streamers throughout the day off points and flats.

JENNY LAKE: Flying ants mid day into evening the best.

Green River

These rivers to our south are fishing well and will get better as flows drop as they are still on the high side. Seeing golden stones and olive sallies but nymphing remains the best option.

Yellowstone National Park

Firehole River is fishing well with caddis, pmd’s and sallies. Best before 1pm.

Lewis Lake is the best lake option until July hands down. Sight fishing in shallow flats, brown drakes for the next couple weeks. Leeches and hares ear nymphs work well too.

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