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Fly and Ice Fishing Report- Spring

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April 11, 2021

Snake River

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is in a general Spring pattern with best activity after 11am. Some hatches of midges, BWO and skwalla stoneflies have our fish reacting to dry flies and nymphs well most of the day. Streamers are also moving nice fish and are a great way to find larger specimens. Flows are not dirty yet but once we get a strong warm night or two this can change quickly, especially on the lower reaches south of town. Park sections are slower to turn on but less fishing pressure in the spring is always nice. Enjoy for about 3 more weeks and then we expect conditions to fade typically by May 1st.PLEASE, FISH BARBLESS HOOKS AND TAKE CARE OF OUR PRIZED NATIVE CUTTHROATS!

Snake River Tributaries

Very cold flows, observe some closures.

Lava Creek Ranch Ice Fishing

This has been rested for a couple weeks now and the fish are hungry. The ice is still safe with over 16″ of good ice for a couple more weeks. If interested in a guided ice fishing trip to LCR give Scott a call @ (307)690-4347.

Salt River

Flows are frigid and activity slow.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Always proceed with caution but bays are still very safe with 12″ of ice, main lake areas could be thinning so extra caution is advised. With a cold front forecasted we may be get another couple weeks out of the ice here, by the end of April its a no go. Good fish moving shallow!

JENNY LAKE: Similar.

Green River

Cold flows, no activity

Yellowstone National Park

Closed for the season

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