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Fly n Ice Fishing Report- Late Autumn

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November 13, 2022

Snake River

The Snake River in Jackson Hole has quickly fallen into its winter pattern as we have experienced a cold and snowy late Autumn. October was great but November has ushered in frigid temps and shut off access due to heavy snow in most areas. I would guess on the warmer days a nice stroll, after about 1pm along the river could produce a few fish. Try zebra midges in black or red, #16 or 18. If we get a strong warming trend then some rising fish could happen in the late afternoon. Look for runs that see extended sun exposure and less shade.


Snake River Tributaries

Cold and not particularly productive.

Lava Creek Ranch- Winter Ice Fishing for Trophy Rainbows and Tiger Trout with Grand Teton Fly Fishing!

This 3 acre lake is capping off quickly and we are planning to begin trips around December 1st. I like to see good, hard ice in the 6-8″ range before I will trust guests to venture out. Currently the lake is about 80% ice covered and ranging about 2-3″. 10 Day forecast shows very good ice forming temps, in the zero (night) to 20 (afternoon) degree range. Call Scott Smith to book this unique adventure @ 3076904347

Salt River

Cold flows

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Fishing is good but access is limited to foot travel, snowshoes not a bad idea. Points and near shore, drop offs holding lakers, browns and cutts. Not expecting ice here until mid December, not safe until X-mas most years.

JENNY LAKE: Still open but tough access. Ice capping in the next 2-3 weeks. Not safe until mid-late December.

Good Luck!

Green River

Very cold flows and drifting ice pads. Slow fishing but warm afternoons may produce on dead drifted streamers or nymphs in deep runs.

Yellowstone National Park

Closed for the Season

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