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Fly Fishing Report- Late Spring

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May 21, 2023

Snake River

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is in runoff mode for a few more weeks but it is melting quickly, so what was once thought to be a late runoff now appears to be on or ahead of schedule. A good guess on this date would be about July 3-8 for fishable water in town or below. In a typical year, the dam section is our go to for clean water access and while it does remain clear it is very low at 280 cfs. The BOR has found themselves in a position where they need to hold that water in Jackson Lake yet to the ecosystem’s and recreationist’s demise. Current plan is to raise the flows in late June to 1500 or 2500 cfs. Another season to be prepared to adapt to ever changing conditions, the unusual low flows might still be detrimental to the upper drainage as far as fish spawning and invertebrate life. With any luck we will be fine and our fish will thrive and find refuge in deeper lies. For now we are nymphing the upper section with good success.


Snake River Tributaries

Nearly all tribs are unfishable for another 3-4 weeks. Areas in Yellowstone, like Polecat Creek will offer some clean water but tribs in JH are blown out.

Lava Creek Ranch- Fly Fishing for Trophy Rainbows and Tiger Trout with Grand Teton Fly Fishing!

Ice came off last week and the trout are hungry. Give us a call to reserve this special fishing venue. This lake is incredible in June through mid- July or until it gets too hot. Leech streamers and dry dropper rigs are the best tactic.

Salt River

Flows are very high and dirty for several more weeks.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Ice came off May 13 and reports are good numbers of Macs and browns in 15-20′. The lake is rising quickly so bug life may not move into the shallows as fast as the water is rising, the 20′ zone is hard to beat. Try white jigs and  spoons in the murky water, olive and tan in the clear.

JENNY LAKE: Iced off May 16, very cold so use extra caution. On warm days look for flying ants and fish in shallow flats.

Green River

Cold and dirty flows. The river is fishable but certainly challenging and all sub surface. Try worms and rubber leg nymphs to draw attention in soft seams in inside turns. This river might surprise us and be quite fishable in mid-June with good hatches just around the corner.

Yellowstone National Park

Opens for the Season Saturday May 27!

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