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Fly Fishing Report- Snake River Days are here!

What are the fish biting on today? Check back often for our latest Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report update!

August 23, 2018

Snake River

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is in its prime. Now through October expect low, clear flows cooling as we move into fall. This triggers insatiable feeding at times as well as some nice late summer and early fall hatches, like tricos, mahogany duns, hecubas, BWO’s and caddis. Flows are at a summer level rarely seen; below 2800 at Moose and below 4000 in the canyon! Cooler nights and shorter days are dropping water temps to a level where it is not necessary to be out early, sleep in and hit it hard from 10 to 3. Best flies are typically a blend of small attractors, terrestrials and parachute mayflies. Enjoy this amazing river at its best and don’t forget to please fish barbless!

Snake River Tributaries

Local tribs are dropping, cooling and most are fishing quite well. Try Pacific Creek, the Gros Ventre, Flat Creek and the Hoback River. All have lots of small cutthroats eating dry flies with a few big fish lingering. The Buffalo Fork is a great option for an afternoon walk/wade. Try ants, hoppers and attractor dries.

South Fork

No recent report, hear it is getting good!

Salt River

Flows are good- cold, low and clear. Afternoons are best with small terrestrials and attractor dries trailed with a dropper.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Flying ants are getting good looks in back bays and some points are still holding a few nice macs in 30fow. White and olive streamers can move good browns nearly anywhere, awesome place!

JENNY LAKE: Flying ants late in the evening can get some big cutthroats up.

Green River

Flows are still dropping but beginning to stabilize, now below 400cfs at Warren. Fishing has been good mid morning through the afternoon. Expect tricos and some PMD spinners early with a lull from 11 to 1pm then the terrestrial show turns on from 1pm to 4pm. On the hottest days some water temps may creep up towards 65 or so, keep that in mind but in general we are out of the woods for the rest of the season, yes!

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Lake is much slower but good things are still happening. Lewis lake is about to turn on with flying ants and the fall pre-spawn run later in September.

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