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Fly Fishing Report- Late Summer

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August 23, 2020

Snake River and Covid19

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is in prime condition on every section. Flows have been low for several weeks now and dry fly fishing continues to be the way to go. Cooler nights have brought down afternoon water temps and the best fishing is mid morning to late afternoon. We are seeing some late season hatches of tricos, pmd’s and nocturnal stones but overall the best flies are attractors and terrestrials, like hoppers and ants. We anticipate our popular Hecuba drake in the next couple weeks, just need a weather change to trigger that hatch. Fishing is excellent most days, PLEASE FISH BARBLESS HOOKS AND TAKE CARE OF OUR PRIZED NATIVE CUTTHROATS!


  1. Please wear a mask when meeting your guide or visiting our fly shop.
  2. Try and have only one member from your group meet inside if a multi boat trip.
  3. Masks are required while in transport to and from the river. We may ask to have you follow us to shorten transport duration.
  4. While on the river a face covering is recommended
  5. Clean hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer before and after lunch or snacks.

Snake River Tributaries

Low flows make it easy to recognize where to fish, look for the holes or depressions around timber. All tribs are fishing well with attractors and terrestrials.

South Fork

No recent report but expect good summer conditions. Some late hatches and terrestrials. Nymph droppers are popular here.

Salt River

Flows here are around 600cfs and cold for August, therefore most days the best fishing is in the afternoon. Hoppers and ants are a good bet unless you see some pmd’s or small caddis.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Warm surface water for a few more weeks, most fish are deep and spread out.

JENNY LAKE: Flying ants mid day into evening the best.

Green River

This area is nearly to low for good float fishing, which is popular due to a lot of private land boundaries. For good wade fishing try the Warren Bridge area. Expect morning tricos and afternoon hopper fishing. Flows are very warm after about 1-2pm so keep the fish wet or stop fishing is best! This should subside in a week or two.

Yellowstone National Park

Fish are spread out and spooky on the lakes but it can be very good early and late in the day. Lewis lake is fishing well with hoppers on cloudy days but you need a long cast to fool the weary browns here, good luck!

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