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Fly Fishing Report- Mid Summer

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July 29, 2022

Snake River

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is in its prime season, yet again we have summer challenges with sustained afternoon heat nearing the 90 degree mark, thus creating warmer flows than we typically see. Flows out of Jackson Lake are warm due to the low lake level, current out flow is about 2100 cfs and the water temp is 67 degrees in the morning, rising to about 70 late in the afternoon. We restrict our operations after the water rises above 68 degrees, therefore we are pushing more morning short day trips or very early full day departure. The fishing has been good, primarily around the 9-11am hours. After noon it does slow and we try to avoid any fishing after 2pm. We do have a cool front coming with some rain forecasted next week, this will hopefully drop water temps a few degrees and typically by mid August the nights are cool enough to off set the afternoon heat, smooth sailing into September!


Snake River Tributaries

Good fishing region wide but flows are low. Expect best action mid-late morning except on the Buffalo Fork where cold flows are still holding on, here try mid afternoon with attractor dry flies and terrestrials.

Lava Creek Ranch- Fly Fishing for Trophy Rainbows with Grand Teton Fly Fishing!

Very warm water so we are resting this area until cool weather returns.

Salt River

Flows are low but staying cool. Good action with hoppers beginning to occur.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Some early morning fly fishing along rocky shorelines. Later in the day fish go deep, finding lake trout around 65-80′

JENNY LAKE: Good in the morning for cruising cutthroats, try flying ants or beetles.

Good Luck!

Green River

Flows on the Green are getting quite low and warming dangerously on the lower sections, over 70 degrees. In the upper sections flows are cool enough for all day activity, seeing pmd spinners and sallies. Terrestrials are the ticket in the afternoon along shady grassy banks, be sneaky to get a big brown to eat a hopper!

Barbless and keep em wet!

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Lake is fishing very well with calliaetis, dries and droppers along sandy beaches. Small blood or olive leeches are also working after the spinner fall occurs around 10am.

Lewis Lake is great early but slows as the sun gets up. On windy days try large blue chubbies, damselflies off points, super fun!

Fish Barbless!!

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