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Fly Fishing Report- Spring Runoff

What are the fish biting on today? Check back often for our latest Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report update!

June 10, 2018

Snake River

The Snake River in Jackson Hole is currently in runoff mode with high, turbid flows. Flows currently around 12,000cfs at Moose are slowly dropping, for the next month things will be improving and the main river will be fishable early in July. For now Jackson lake dam is fishing well with attractor nymphs and some streamers, as the hatches pick up this will only get better… late June can be pretty epic, give us a call to book your trip before the slots fill up.

Snake River Tributaries

Local tribs are mostly blown out but a few are looking good. Lower Flat Creek is the best public water in the valley currently with clearing flows and some insects starting to show up, caddis… soon green drakes!

South Fork

Flows are silty but good, 21,000cfs. Mostly wet flies to be expected, streamers and  deep nymphing.

Salt River

Blown out. Mid June should bring some favorable flows.

Teton Park Lakes

JACKSON LAKE: Flying ants are getting good looks in back bays and some points are still holding a few nice macs in 20fow. White and olive streamers can move good browns nearly anywhere, awesome place!

JENNY LAKE: Flying ants late in the evening can get some big cutthroats up.

Green River

Blown out but good flows should return by mid June. 2500cfs at Warren, optimum is below 2k so it won’t be long.

Yellowstone National Park

Firehole  River is fishing well with flavs, caddis and some sallies. Lewis Lake is good and will get better as the brown drake emergence grows. Yellowstone Lake is good but can be sporadic as we approach high spawning season.

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