Grand Teton Fly Fishing


Incredible Half Day Float

"My dad and I had an amazing half-day float with our guide, Chris, on the Snake River. We put over a dozen Finespotted Cutthroat Trout in the boat, and you really can’t beat the views! "

- Anonymous

Best Day of Fishing

"Even though my girlfriend and I had vastly different skill levels, John did an awesome job catering to both of us – whether helping my girlfriend with fundamental casting skills or helping us both untangle and retie flies frequently, John paid attention to us equally, and went out of his way to make sure we were both in optimal positions for each cast based on our skill level. We both walked away fully enjoying the entire day, and wanted to do it again the next day. "

- Justin G

Successful experience, great guide!

"We had a wonderful experience with John at Grand Teton Fly Fishing. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and went above and beyond in terms of service and professionalism. We caught about two dozen fish and had a great time! I would recommend this guide and this company. "

- Wonderer

Great Fly Fishing with a Local Expert

"Throughout the day Chris proved to be very polite, very knowledgeable and informative. He’s a local resident with decades of experience and it showed. At the end of the trip a storm was coming. He read the skies right giving us maximum time on the water but getting us off the water and in our vehicle right as it started to rain. Between my son and I we caught around 50 fish. We really enjoyed our time on the water. "

- Sarah A

Best Guide Service Ever

"Fishing with Alex and Chris these last two days has been the experience of a lifetime. My dad and I were both beginner fly fishermen and the guides were extremely patient and excellent instructors. I am leaving this trip feeling much more confident in my fly fishing abilities and I am so excited to take what I have learned and apply it to rivers back home. "

- Mitchell B

We’re Hooked

"Thank goodness we had one of the most patient best guides in the business. My client/friend fell in love with fishing this day, after a few times with a guide last year. We slayed fish and ended our last day at the amazing Lava Creek Ranch. Our guide was so patient and spoke to a new fisherwoman in a way that I have never witnessed. She is hooked is coming back in September for more of the goods. Thank you, WALT! "

- Mindy

Absolutely Fantastic Day!

"We did a day trip on Snake River with our guide, Josh, and we had the best time! Josh was attentive, patient and knew the best spots to catch fish. We look forward to our next trip here soon and will most definitely be booking with him again! "

- Hilary Callen

A Great Time with My Girlfriend

"Booked a trip on the Snake River and our guide happened to be Trinity! Her and my girlfriend hit it off from the start as she was giving her some casting instructions. Great trip and I cannot express what a great time we had and what a wonderful guide she is! "

- Jim Lawrence

Guide’s Expertise and More

"We had a GREAT experience with our guide, John M. He was very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and the service he provided was above and beyond. We caught about 2 dozen fish and had a ton of fun. Our guide was a patient and helpful teacher and we both felt quite proud of ourselves for our success today, though I’m sure 99% of it should be attributed to our guide’s expertise and the other 1% to beginner’s luck. I highly recommend doing this trip and we would definitely do it again with the same company and guide next time we are in town! "

- Gem

Amazing Day

"It was my girlfriend and I’s first time ever fly fishing and she caught a fish within the first 10 minutes. The laughs and conversations throughout the day were amazing. Also, not only did we fish, but we got a great scenic tour along the way – in search of viewing some wildlife. "

- Nicholas Silva