Grand Teton Fly Fishing

Grand Teton Fly Fishing… A Grand Cycle in Jackson Hole

I can remember the call as if it was yesterday. I had just finished my last guide trip for the 2009 season catching gorgeous brown trout up in Yellowstone Park. My very good friend and fellow guide, Mark Fuller said, "Dog, I just hung up with Jack and he wants to meet with us about buying his guide service, he seemed pretty serious". Ironically this was an idea Mark and I had discussed frequently as we both had a serious affliction of fly fishing passion and it seemed like as if a grand cycle in Jackson Hole was happening and would eventually allow us to grow one step further beyond our beloved guide status. It was a serendipitous moment and the next chapter to dive into was opening. The test of patience to get where we are today with GTFF was incredible and it is through these countless layers of perseverance that I believe we now draw a deeper appreciation of what we have and have accomplished. Our story is likely familiar to many and our team realizes the reality of a brief honeymoon, yet for us it is where we make our "office", underneath the grandeur of the Tetons, that helps us celebrate the lifestyle we make and our primary goal is to share this with our valued clients, friends and family. GTFF will always strive to deliver an enriching experience, one that educates all levels of anglers, promotes environmental stewardship and excites through discovery and fly fishing adventure. In addition, we put tremendous value on the ability of our visitors to disconnect and unwind from the realities of life's modern stresses and re-connect with nature and immerse oneself in the peaceful pursuit of trout. We welcome you and all visitors, anglers and non-anglers as we initiate our GTFF blog. I have been blogging on Jackson Hole fly fishing for 7 years and though readership has grown I have purely drawn from the writing a sense of benevolence and a realization that this sport or art of fly fishing is meant to be shared. Best to All, Scott Smith Tight Loops & Wild Trout!

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